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Who do customers turn to before trying a new product or service? Previous customers! With Tawo, it's all at your fingertips: Our apps and online portals encourage users to submit reviews on just about everything.

Tawo Events

Event organizers will use this platform to market and promote their upcoming events and programs: Users then, from the mobile phone view, like and send their interest in attending the events and give feedback on it.


is a platform for looking up and connecting with old school mates and friends from all schools in Ghana you have attended. Searching by, Selecting your school, Start year, End year, Programme studied and submit to see list friends and mates on the platform to connect with. Private Chat and Create Group Chat with Friends from friend list.

Tawo Driver

This module is like uber but with monthly or yearly subscription for Taxis, Cabs, and Private car drivers who want to transport users. Once a driver subscribes, and turn on the app. Tawo users who want a ride, hit on "Tawo Driver" will see available drivers near them, then send request and the destination for a ride. When Driver approves, he see user direction for pickup. This app can also give them idea of how much it will cost them, records start & End trip for reference. We have no plan yet to charge commission.

Urgent Care

will enable members in communities across Ghana find and locate the nearest health care facilities, their services and availabilities (Physicians, Physician specialist, IPD & Beds, ambulance, other dept. etc.), health services like red-cross and members, ambulance services, paramedics, pharmacies, health professionals near them.
o       The App will help link all health care center i.e. hospitals, clinics, CHIP, Pharmacies etc. together on the platforms.
o      The app can be used to send sms and a live chat with these health professionals.
o      On this same platform, we shall provide health tips, alerts, educations and health related messages to the general public.

Playbox App

FM radio station listening list, A music audio, video, movies library and TV. where you can listen to, create and manage your own playlist for your parties, restaurants, offices, gatherings and your leisure where you need to play music but don’t need a DJ and spinning systems. From local, foreign, gospel, afrobeats, R&B, Cools. Classical, hip Life, Highlife, Burger Highlife, reggae etc. This will be used mostly on paid subscription.

Work and Happiness

People behind this amazing app

Ebenezer K. Ofori Atiapa

Ag. President, Founder & Senior Devepoler

Daniel Perez Fiadzeawu

CTO & Senior Devepoler

Ekow Baah-Nyarkoh

Junior Devepoler

Akpene Abgo

Jr. UI/UX & Frontend Devepoler

Tawo Mobile Technologies ?

TMT is a Mobile Applications Development and Services Provider, with a revolutionary mission to provide mobile platforms to create, collect, process and present African contents on and unavailable online to today's raising and Indispensable mobile phones, tablets and IPADs subscribers/user worldwide.

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